Strategy and Field Coaching  Service

Resolving Disputes Without Lawyers

Do you have a disagreement with a supplier, work colleague, family member or client, which could end up going to Court or Arbitration? Would you like to resolve this quickly without incurring legal costs and using up your valuable time? Inspired Resolution’s sister Company Inspired Star offers a Field Coaching service which enables clients to start resolving disagreements and misunderstandings quickly and efficiently by helping clients understand the real issues and the other parties’ motives, behaviours and actions. Inspired Star then works closely with clients to formulate a strategy to move the relationship forward and resolve the issues.

Summary of how Inspired Resolution can assist:

  • Help the client understand the true issues.
  • Provide insights into why the other party is behaving the way they are and what their motives might be. 
  • Use business psychology, body language and tailored strategies to influence the other party to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently.
  • Attend meetings /mediations / negotiations / disciplinary hearings as a supporter.

Resolving disputes where legal advice is required

Where the disagreement / misunderstanding has been elevated to the next level and legal action has been threatened or commenced, Inspired Resolution can work with decision makers to get to the real issues in dispute. This saves the client a lot of money on legal fees as the issues in the case are clear from the start. The client can then provide the lawyers with the relevant documents and information ahead of time. This way lawyers are less likely to waste time on activities which are not relevant to the case, and can concentrate on an early resolution before the situation gets blown out of proportion.

Summary of how Inspired Resolution can assist:

  • Help the client ask the right questions of their lawyers in order to get the best cost and time effective service.
  • Teaching clients advanced negotiation skills using Body Language and psychology so they can tailor responses to what they see in order to get a better deal from the lawyers.
  • Help the client present relevant information to the lawyers to get the best advice from the start.

Inspired Resolution does not provide legal advice, but does help you ask your lawyers the right questions so they provide the best legal advice.

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