Which alternative dispute resolution method is best for me?


There are a number of “Alternatives Dispute Resolution” processes to choose from for example: Arbitration, Mediation, Expert Determination, Early Neutral Evaluation, Conciliation, Adjudication, Dispute Boards, Negotiation, Mini trial etc.

In order to consider which one might be best for you it is worth considering the following: 

  • Has a contract been created which dictates which method should be used?

  • Is the dispute one which can be referred to arbitration or mediation?

  • What exactly is the dispute about?

  • Is there an imbalance of power between the parties?

  • Do professional relationships need to be maintained?

  • How sensitive are the issues?

  • Costs

  • Does a lawyer need to be instructed?

  • How urgently the dispute needs to be settled?

  • Does an enforceable award need to be rendered by a neural person?

  • Where are the parties located in the world?

Inspired Resolution currently offers Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation and Adjudication as alternatives to going to court. We also offer conflict prevention seminars which looks at the human behaviour behind conflict.