Arbitration can be an excellent alternative to going to court and can be used to resolve disputes in a number of different areas.

Arbitration is a private process whereby parties can have their dispute heard and finally determined by an independent impartial “Arbitrator”. The Arbitrator’s role is to insure the fair resolution of the dispute without unnecessary delay or expense. Arbitration is a growing area of law because parties to a dispute are seeing the benefits over going to court.

The Advantages of Arbitration

  • Matters can be conducted on a documents only bases or by way of a private hearing.  

  • Proceedings are private and confidential 

  • Awards are binding on the parties and can be enforced in many countries

  • In most cases the parties are free to choose an arbitrator and can have their dispute heard by an arbitrator with specialist knowledge of a particular industry or area of law.

  • The process is more flexible than many National court systems. Institutional rules can be applied to the process if requested by the parties.

  • Generally hearings can be held any where in the world at any time.

  • Lawyers are not always required. 


In Documents Only Arbitrations, the parties provide documents and evidence to the Arbitrator without the need for a hearing. This may be especially useful where issues are simple and a quick decision is required without the expense of a hearing. Documents Only Arbitrations may also take advantage of using Inspired Resolution's Unique Online Arbitration service or use traditional posting / courier methods to transfer documents.

Using Inspired Resolution's Online Arbitration process documents can be emailed from anywhere in the World saving time, money and paper. For more details about the benefits of Documents Only Arbitration and Inspired Resolution's Online Arbitration Service please email