Our approach is different from many other mediation providers, because we are experts in applying business psychology, body language recognition and strategy creation to really understand the client and help them create the right solutions for them.

We help the parties understand the barriers to settlement so they can be quickly overcome. This approach can be extremely effective especially when looking at more sensitive issues but can equally be applied to commercial disputes. 

Mediation can take place at any time and often if done early in proceedings can save a lot of time, stress and costs. Meetings are held in private so parties can freely talk over the issues they have. Our model of mediation does not insist on parties meeting face to face which means we can conduct mediation on the telephone if necessary. Through experience we recognise what slows the mediation process down and have developed strategies to prevent this. Which means parties are more likely to settle at an early time on better terms.

In complex litigation Mediation can be used to narrow the issues the parties do not agree on, saving Court time and costs later in the proceedings. 

The mediator acts as a neutral facilitator, the parties are encouraged to reach a settlement on terms they are both in agreed. These are written into a binding settlement agreement and signed by the parties. This agreement is then enforceable like any other contract would be.
International Tele-Mediation 

Do you have a dispute with someone in a different part of the world? May be it's hard to meet face to face or you just don't want to meet them? If so Tele-Mediation might be for you. Tele-Mediation is performed by conference call and private phone calls between the parties and the Mediator. Even time zones need not be a barrier with a little flexibility. Tele-Mediation also has the advantage that parties can be in relaxed surroundings without out having to come face to face with the other party. For more details please contact to see how we can make a difference.

Mediation Fees 

At Inspired Resolution we realise that disputes are not always about money and finding the right Mediator is the first step towards a successful outcome for ALL parties. With this in mind our fees are arranged on a case by case basis depending on the estimated time it will take to reach a successful outcome and if applicable the value or complexity of the claim.  

As a general guide small non complex claims may benefit from a “Time Limited Mediation” in order to keep costs to a minimum. Large or complex claims may be better dealt with in a full day mediation. Either way our fees include:

1)   Initial party contact and Agreement to Mediate  

2)   Guide to Mediation Booklet

3)   Some Mediator reading in time

4)   Post Mediation Feedback

Our standard fees are as follows:

2 hours Mediation (normally by Phone / Video Conference) £150.00 per party.

Half Day Mediation small claims up to £80,000 £ 500.00 per party.

Full Day (7 hours) Mediation £80,001 to £250,000 £1,250 per party.

Full Day (7 hours) Mediation £ 250,001 to £1 million £ 1,750 per party. 

Full Day (7 hours) Mediation > 1 million please contact us with your requirements.

Workplace Mediation is worked out on a different scale depending on the best way of resolving the dispute, please contact us for more details. As a rough guide it would be £150.00 per hour.

(Extras associated with mediation include mediator travel and accommodation if required, venue hire, catering, disbursements and VAT.)

Inspired Resolution will be happy to provide you with a clear estimate once you know your exact requirements. Weekend, Evening and Tele-mediations are also possible for your convenience. Please email to check availability.