Benefits of Workplace Mediation

  • Reduces stress as issues can be quickly resolved

  • Reduces number of formal grievances

  • Reduces management's time in resolving conflicts

  • Reduces legal fees and maintain confidentiality

  • Reduces absenteeism

  • Increase retention of valuable employees 

  • Improves moral and brings teams closer together

  • Constructive use of time and money to resolve issues quickly and effectively. 

Having a conflict or misunderstanding in the workplace can be extremely stressful for all those involved. It can cause tension and divisions and impact on family life. Good employees might leave the company and leave behind the troublesome employees. Work is such a massive part of our lives it's important to be happy and fulfilled in what we do. 

Many companies use internal people to resolve issues, but sometimes it's more appropriate to use a mediator or conciliator who has no previous knowledge of the people or organisation. This new fresh approach means people are more likely to open up about what has been going on. When people are in a better head space they are more relaxed and able to make informed decisions and create better solutions to resolve their differences. An independent mediator brings peace of mind that information will not remain in the knowledge of someone within the organisation.   

Our Approach

Our approach to workplace mediation is slightly different from other providers. We have found that often in the early stages parties do not want to be in the same room as each other, so we use a series of conversation techniques ("BLINK", "Effective Conversations" etc.) to help bring people closer together before they meet. If the parties would like to they can record their side of the story with out interruption and feeling pressured. This has the advantage of parties being more open and honest and the other side being able to really listen to what is being said. They are able to pause recordings and reflect on what they have heard rather than focusing on one thing which might normally take all their focus. (Recordings are held by the mediator only and destroyed at the end of the day.) We also use specialist solution creation techniques to help the parties create meaningful solutions.  In Autumn 2015 we will be training this advanced mediation model to other Mediators and HR Professionals. 

Ruth Fenton

Ruth Fenton is an expert in business psychology and body language which means she is very quick to get to the heart of matters and really understand what is going on for a person. This combined with training in strategic intervention means she understands work place dynmiacs and how to create strategies to help people overcome difficulties especially in the work place. Ruth is regularly involved with work place issues for example: discrimination, bullying, redundancy, unfair dismissal, with holding of wages, partnership disagreements and personal injury at work. Ruth also trains HR professionals and managers in fair investigation and interviewing techniques through sister company Inspired Star

Our Fees

As a rough guide we charge around £150.00 per hour to resolve workplace disputes plus venue hire, catering, disbursements, travel etc. if required. Please let us know your exact requirements so we can provide the most cost effective solution.  

Workplace Disputes